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1.  GENERAL TERMS is the official website of YAMATO EXPRESS S.R.L., headquartered at: Andronache Road no. 203, corp. ”C.20”, bir.1Y, Sector 2, Bucharest 022524, Romania, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/20105/2017, CUI RO 38566962, hereinafter referred to as “Yamato Express”, personal data operator, having registration № 2043. 

This site has been created in order to provide, free of charge, all those interested in the brand and Yamato Express products, information about them as well as to offer the possibility of placing orders online. The site is operated and managed by Yamato Express.
For campaigns promoted by the Yamato Express, interested parties are asked to consult the regulations related to them, in the "Campaigns and promotions" section.

Access to this site, as well as its use are allowed only in accordance with the terms and conditions below, as well as with the legal provisions applicable in this field.
If you do not agree with the terms of use of the site, which also involves the processing of personal data by Yamato Express, please do not use this site.
The acceptance of the terms and conditions is made, at the moment of creating the Client Account, once the "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions" option has been selected. Selecting it and the "Validate" button indicates that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Yamato Express that you have read, understood and fully accepted.



CAMPAIGN - the action of exhibiting for commercial purposes a finite number of products with a limited and predefined stock, for a limited period of time, established by the Yamato Express.
CLIENT/CUSTOMER - any individual over 18 years of age or a legal entity who accesses the Yamato Express website by creating and using an Account and who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions.
ORDER - represents the buyer's intention to purchase Goods from the Site, sent to the Seller through the Site.
ACCOUNT - the section of the Site consisting of fields intended to be filled in with the e-mail address and a password that allows the Customer/Buyer to send the Order. The account contains information about the Customer/Buyer, including a history of his orders.
CONTRACT - means this "Terms and Conditions of Use" document and sets out the general conditions for the online sale of Yamato Express products, as well as the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Client/Buyer and affects the distance agreement concluded between the Seller and the Buyer under the conditions of OG 130/2000.
SHOPPING CART - the online form of the cart composed of all the Products selected by the Customer/Buyer from the Site for purchase.
BUYER - The customer who places an Order.
ORDER HISTORY - represents the collection of data stored in connection with previous purchases in accordance with tax documents (e.g.: value of purchases, products, store/online identification, store address, date, time, etc.)
NEWSLETTER - a means of periodic information used by the Seller, exclusively in electronic form, to provide details regarding the Products and/or the promotions carried out during a certain period.
PRODUCT PAGE - the page dedicated to the Product sold on the Site, which displays detailed information about it. The information is accompanied by the image of the Product and may indicate the name and type of the product, the price in Lei, the nutritional content and ingredients, storage conditions, suggestions for use, etc.
PROFILE - automatic processing of personal data in general analysis of the purchase history in order to grant personalized offers, based on the consent of the data subject, under the conditions described in the POLICY REGARDING THE PROTECTION AND PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. CONFIDENTIALITY.
PRODUCT - any item displayed on the site that is available at the time of placing the order and is to be delivered to the Buyer. In the Site space, Products are grouped into categories and can be displayed in detail down to the Product Page level, which displays the individual characteristics of the selected Product. The availability and restrictions applicable to the Products ordered from the Site will be displayed individually for each Product separately, in accordance with the applicable Product policy.
SITE - domain and its subdomains.
DELIVERY FEE - the amount that the Customer owes to the Seller as a result of home delivery or picking up the order from one of the personal collection points of the Products ordered through the Site. The delivery fee is included in the final price of the Order.
TRANSACTION - the collection or refund of an amount resulting from the sale of a Product by Yamato Express by using the services of the payment processor agreed by the Seller, regardless of the delivery method.
YAMATO EXPRESS - Yamato Express S.R.L. company with headquarters: Andronache Road no. 203, corp. ”C.20”, bir.1Y, Sector 2, Bucharest 022524, Romania, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/20105/2017, CUI RO 38566962.



The site specializes in the online sale of mostly food and non-food products.
Users of this Site are expressly prohibited from using both the site and the services provided through it, for the purpose of uploading, downloading, publishing or transmitting any information whose content is illegal or contrary to morals and public order (e.g.: it is defamatory, offensive, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, affects the right to privacy of others, encourages violence or racial hatred, ethnicity or has an intimidating character).
This document establishes the contractual conditions applicable to all purchases made through the Site, with its subdomains, with the application of the provisions of GEO no. 34/2014 which transpose at national level the provisions of Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights to conclusion and execution of distance contracts.
Yamato Express reserves the right to change the content, structure and way of accessing the Site according to the changes that take place regarding the products and offers posted on the site and its own internal procedures. Continuing to use the Site by ordering and purchasing products is considered customer acceptance. In case of modification of these Terms and Conditions, Yamato Express will inform the Customer/Buyer about this, the continuation of the use of the Account being possible only under the conditions of his acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.



Any client, individual over 18 years of age or legal entity can register by creating an account by filling in the required fields on the website Also, placing an order on the site requires the creation of an account beforehand.
When placing an Order on the Website, the Buyer unconditionally agrees that Yamato Express will send him order details (notifications) by e-mail. The Buyer can choose to add an additional notification method: by phone or sms. The contract is considered concluded when the Buyer receives the notification of shipment of the Order sent by Yamato Express by e-mail.
Only persons who have indicated a real address in Romania and registered on the website in accordance with the following conditions can place orders online. Registration on the site, as well as placing an order, implies, by default, the Buyer's agreement with the Terms and Conditions and the manner in which the Yamato Express will communicate details of the Order to you.
In order to place an order, an individual who has reached the age of 18, respectively a legal entity will register on the Site by creating an Account, providing his e-mail address, name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, address and defining a Password.
The customer is fully responsible for the consequences arising from the use of the Site, as well as for any material, intellectual, electronic or any other damage, in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field. Yamato Express reserves the right to restrict/suspend the possibility of the Customer/Buyer to place orders on the Site, if it considers that his actions on the Site could cause him any harm. In such a situation, the Customer/Buyer may contact the Customer Relations Department of Yamato Express.
By accepting these "Terms and Conditions of Use", the Customer/Buyer assumes compliance with the provisions of Law no. 349/2002 and of Law no. 61/1991 on the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to minors. Yamato Express cannot be held responsible in any situation in which the Customer uses false/incorrect age information for registration/authentication on the Site.
Yamato Express may publish on the Site information about Products and/or promotions valid for a certain period of time and within the limit of available stock. Yamato Express reserves the right to reject any Order for legitimate reasons.
All the information used for the description of the Products available on the Site (static images/dynamic images/multimedia presentations/etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation of the Seller, but exclusively a way of presentation, for informational purposes.
Please note that offers/promotions and recommendations posted on the Site may not be valid in Yamato Express stores. Also, the products, offers or promotions presented in the catalogs or brochures of Yamato Express are not always valid on the online site.



To place an online order on the Site, the Customer/Buyer must complete the following steps:

1. To authenticate, and if the Client does not already have a Client Account on the Site, he must create an Account.
2. To add products to the shopping cart by selecting the "Add to Cart" button whenever it is determined which Products need to be ordered immediately. The added products will be displayed in the "shopping cart" section at the top of the site.
3. Once added to the shopping cart, a Product is available for purchase as long as there is stock available for it. The addition of a Product to the shopping cart, in the absence of the completion of the Order, does not entail the registration of an order, as well as automatic reservation of the Product.
4. To select the payment method: online by card or in cash and specify if it needed to issue the invoice for this order. 
5. On the "Order Confirmation" page, the customer can check the order details: order value, delivery type, delivery time, delivery date and payment method. After submitting the order or after the bank details have been verified by the Payment Processor, the Customer receives an e-mail confirming the start of order processing, at the e-mail address associated with his account.
6. Please note that the order confirmation message does not imply acceptance of the order by Yamato Express. This will be done later by sending the e-mail confirming the shipment and issuing the tax receipt for the final value of the shipment. The contract will refer only to those products listed in the Shipment Confirmation.
7. Shipment of the order depends on the availability of the products in the Yamato Express stocks. In case of supply difficulties or if the products are no longer in stock, Yamato Express will have the right to inform the Customer about the replacement of the products with products of equal quality and value in stock. If you do not want to replace the products and if Yamato Express has already received payment for the ordered products, any amount paid under the Order will be refunded in full. 

The prices displayed on the Site are informative and may be changed unilaterally by Yamato Express. No change in prices by Yamato Express will affect an order confirmed by Yamato Express. Prices do not include delivery costs.
By completing the Order, the Customer agrees that all data provided by him necessary for the purchase process, are correct and complete.
Each order placed on the site will be assigned a unique order number, a number that can be used to track and identify it.
The order once placed can only be modified at the express request of the customer, by a Yamato Express Call Center operator.
Placing an Order implies the acceptance by the Customer of the prices and the description of the Products offered for sale. Customers are encouraged to read the Page of each Product to know its characteristics, and for complete information to check the labeling of the Products when picking up the Order and before any consumption or use, and, if necessary, to exercise their right of withdrawal.
Yamato Express may cancel the Order placed by the Buyer, following a prior notification to the Buyer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other party in the following cases:
• non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Buyer's card of the transaction in case of online payment;
• invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by Yamato Express in case of online payment;
• the data provided by the Customer/Buyer on the Site is incomplete and/or incorrect.
If a Product ordered by the Buyer cannot be delivered by the Seller, the latter will inform the Customer/Buyer of this fact and will return to the Buyer's account the value of the Product, within a maximum of 14 days from the date of the shipment notification. The order that was not picked up/received within 24 hours (Bucharest) or 72 hours (other regions) from the Date and time selected at the time of placing the Order, will be canceled by the Seller. In this case, the amount paid online will be available in the Client's account within a maximum of 14 days from the date of cancellation of the order by the Seller.



The price and payment method are specified in each Order. The selling price of the Products is the one in force at the time of placing the Order, is expressed in LEI (RON) and includes VAT. Yamato Express operates in LEI and will not charge any additional fees or surcharges for order transactions. However, as the transactions are international in nature, due to the fact that the payment processor and the accepting bank are in another state, it is possible that certain costs may arise for the Buyer as a result of foreign exchange or bank charges for international transactions, according to the Terms and Conditions agreed between the issuing bank and the consumer. For this reason, in the case of payment by card, if the amounts debited from a Buyer's card in connection with a transaction or refunded on the card differ from the price displayed at the end of the order or from the confirmed amount to be refunded, please contact the issuing bank of the card, in order to receive more information regarding bank fees and foreign exchange costs, and if you encounter difficulties in clarifying the situation in relation to the issuing bank, please contact us by tel. 0800410900 or by e-mail
At the request of the Buyer, Yamato Express will be able to issue and send to the Buyer the fiscal invoice related to the Order, under the conditions of the transmission by the Customer of the data necessary according to the law for its elaboration. The fiscal invoice in physical format will be delivered to the Buyer with the order. The invoicing of the purchased products is done exclusively in LEI.
The tax receipt will be issued for each order and will accompany the delivered products.
The Buyer has two payment methods for orders placed on the Site: online payment by Bank Card and cash payment upon delivery.
In case of making an online payment with the Bank Card (Visa Classic/Electron, MasterCard, Maestro), in order to complete and validate the payment, the Client is directed to a secure Payment Page. All types of cards issued by Romanian and foreign banks under the VISA and MasterCard logos are accepted, provided that the issuing banks have activated their online payment option.
Yamato Express does not request or store any information regarding the Customer's Bank Card, which is processed directly through the secure systems of the online payment service provider. The Bank Card Processor approved by Yamato Express has the right to access/view any type of data/documents, generated as a result of an issued Order, canceled Orders, valid Contract or canceled Contract, to investigate any Transaction, if any.
If payment in cash is chosen, the payment is considered completed when the amount of the courier company's representative is paid. If the customer chooses to pick up the order from one of the personal pick-up points indicated on the Site, he will be able to pay for the order in cash or by bank card.
Yamato Express will debit the Customer's current account with the amounts representing the value of the Products ordered and delivered, according to the order confirmation message sent to the Buyer. In case of cash payment, Yamato Express will receive the amounts representing the value of the ordered Products and the delivery fee through the representative of the courier company, at the time of delivery of the order.
In the case of online payments, payments are processed through Adyen B.V., as a payment processor, based in the Netherlands with company identification number 34259528. Yamato Express is not/cannot be responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Customer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the card issuing bank, if the currency of its issuance differs from Romanian LEI. The Client is fully responsible for this action.



According to the Customer's option, the Products ordered by the Customer will be delivered by courier to the address indicated by the Buyer or to the personal pick-up points (inside the Yamato Express stores available on the Site), according to the Buyer's option.
If the Buyer has opted for the option of picking up the order from one of the personal pick-up points, he will come to the chosen pick-up point and will communicate to the Yamato Express representatives the Order number. When picking up the Order, the Customer will ensure that the Products do not show any visible defects, and the content is in accordance with the Order made (quantity, nature of products, etc.). After receiving the goods, the Client assumes responsibility for their storage.
Personal pick-up points are indicated on the Site.
All information regarding the amount of the order, the delivery fee, as well as information on any discounts and vouchers are available on the Site, in the "My Cart" section when placing the order.
The ordered goods will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the process of placing the order. The Buyer undertakes to be present to receive the order at the address indicated in the order.
The Customer has the obligation to verify the correctness of the information provided regarding the delivery address before confirming the order. In case of errors in entering the delivery data (street, house number, block number, floor, contact person, telephone number) Yamato Express will not be responsible for the impossibility of delivering the order.
At the request of the courier, the Customer will prove his identity and will communicate the order number.
If the Customer is unable to receive the order, the order will be left at the specified address only to a person over 18 years of age and only in the case of communication to the courier of the order number.
An order will not be able to be delivered if a Customer does not meet the above conditions.
The Buyer will select the desired delivery time from the options displayed on the Site when placing an order.
The Customer must ensure that he can receive the order placed on the Site and facilitate the access of the Courier to the location mentioned in the order. If the Courier cannot access the specified address, delivery will not be made.
The delivery is considered to be completed by Yamato Express, at the time of delivery of the ordered products to the Customer at the address chosen by him when confirming the order.
In case of exceeding the time interval provided for Picking Up/Delivery, Yamato Express or the representative of the courier company will inform the Customer by SMS or telephone and will agree with him to extend the delivery time interval for a new period. Upon expiration of the extension period, not completed by Picking Up/Receiving the Products, Yamato Express reserves the right to cancel the Order, in which case the amounts paid online by Bank Card will be refunded to the Customer within 14 days from the date of cancellation of the order by Yamato Express, and in case of cancellation of the order by the Customer as a result of non-compliance with the delivery obligation by Yamato Express in accordance to the above, the refund period will be 7 days.



The delivery fee will be displayed both at the time of placing the order and after its completion.



9.1. Warranty

The Yamato Express, depending on the product purchased, gives a warranty according to the provisions of Law 449/2003 on the sale of products and their associated guarantees ("Law no. 449/2003"). Food products are said to be excluded from the warranty.
Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is encouraged to ensure that the delivered products meet qualitatively and quantitatively his expectations.
In accordance with art. 11 of Law 449/2003 each Customer may request, in the event of non-compliance, first of all, the repair of the Product or may request the replacement of the Product, in each case free of charge, unless the measure is impossible or disproportionate. Product replacement is possible within the available stock. If the Customer has returned a Product due to manufacturing defects and the Seller does not have a suitable replacement product, he will refund to the Customer the cost of that Product.
The Customer can return within 24 hours the goods purchased from the Site, in the following cases:
• the packaging is severely damaged, except for food products;
• products were delivered/invoiced incorrectly;
• the products have manufacturing defects;
• the goods do not correspond to the specifications mentioned at the time of placing the Order;
• products with quality defects.
Yamato Express may refuse the Products returned by its Customers if the return falls within one of the cases described below, without the latter being able to claim damages or compensation:
• in case of replacement of the purchased Product with another Product or of a different type;
• if the returned Product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered (e.g. in the original packaging with all accessories, undamaged labels and accompanying documents).
If reconciliation or replacement of incompatible Products is not possible, a refund of the value of the respective Products will be made within 24 hours from the return of the non-compliant Product to the courier or to the Yamato Express Store designated by the Yamato Express.

9.2. Right of retire

In accordance with art. 9 p.1 of the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for amending and supplementing normative acts ("GEO no. 34/2014"), the Client has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally within 14 (fourteen) days, without penalties and without invoking any reason. The term of 14 days is calculated from the date on which the Customer or a third party, other than the carrier, specified by the Client, takes physical possession of the products. In this case, the direct costs of returning the Goods in accordance with the law are borne by the Client. However, depending on the Products ordered, in accordance with the provisions of art. 16 of GEO no. 34/2014, the restrictions provided for by the following art. 9.2.1 will apply.

The Customer is only responsible for the reduction in the cost of the products as a result of their use, other than what is prescribed in the instructions for observing the physical properties, characteristics and functioning of the products.
In case the Customer notifies of his intention to terminate the Contract unilaterally according to this chapter, the Seller has the obligation to reimburse the amounts paid by the Client, including delivery costs, without undue delay, but no later than 14 days from the date when he is informed of the decision to terminate the Agreement with the Client. Yamato Express refunds the aforementioned amounts using the same payment method that Buyer used for the initial transaction.
If the Yamato Express has not offered to return the Products itself, it may postpone the refund until the date of receipt of the products sold or until receipt of proof from the Customer that it has shipped the products to Yamato Express, taking into account the nearest date.

9.2.1. Product return

Acceptance of the return of products is subject to the following conditions and/or falling into certain categories:
1. Products in the "Grocery and Beverages" category must have the original packaging intact (primary packaging, secondary/additional packaging), must not be unpacked and can be returned within 48 hours from the date of purchase of the product;
2. Returns are not accepted and the item will not be returned if:
• sealed products which cannot be returned for health protection and hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer;
• products which are, after delivery, by their nature, inseparably mixed with other elements of the product;
• food products from the "Meat and Fish" category (frozen or fresh), fruits and vegetables, bakery as well as fresh food including milk and dairy products, cheese, eggs, etc. and any other food or non-food products, the quality of which may deteriorate or expire rapidly;
• alcoholic beverages, the price for which was agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract of sale, the delivery of which cannot be carried out earlier than 30 days, and the actual cost of which depends on market price fluctuations, which a professional sales manager cannot control;
• tobacco and strong alcohol products, cosmetics and hygiene products that have been unpacked;
• products or services, the price of which depends on financial market fluctuations, which a professional sales manager cannot control and which may occur during the return period;
• excisable goods marked with excise stamps, banners or any other type of specific marking applied in accordance with the legal provisions, whose markings have been damaged (alcohol, cigarettes).

The products will be returned either by courier or in person at the Yamato Express's address: Andronache Road no. 203, corp. ”C.20”, bir.1Y, Sector 2, Bucharest 022524, Romania, and only accompanied by the related tax receipt. Yamato Express recommends the Customer who wishes to exercise his right of return to inform the Customer Service. The costs related to the return of the products are borne by the Buyer.



Yamato Express does not request from its Customers by any means of communication (e-mail/telephone/SMS/etc.) information regarding confidential data such as bank accounts/cards or personal passwords.
The Customer assumes full responsibility for disclosing his confidential data to third parties.
The Yamato Express does not accept any responsibility in the event of any harm to the Client in any form by a third party who claims to be/represent the interests of the Yamato Express. The customer must notify the Yamato Express of such attempts using the contact information provided by the Yamato Express.
Yamato Express does not send SPAM. Any Customer who has explicitly provided his e-mail address in the Online Store may deactivate the Customer Account associated with that e-mail address, or to unsubscribe from receiving newsletters/other commercial/promotional messages.
Communications made by Yamato Express by electronic means of distance communication (i.e. e-mail) contain the complete and compliant identification data of the sender or links to them, as of the date of transmission of the content.



Neither party will be liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its contractual obligations, if such failure to perform on time and/or properly, in whole or in part, is caused by a force majeure event. Force majeure is the unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.
If within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of its occurrence the event does not cease, each party has the right to notify the other party of the complete termination of the Contract, while none of them has the right to claim damages from the other party.



Yamato Express cannot be held liable in any way to any Customer who uses the Site or its contents other than as set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use.
Yamato Express does not guarantee the Client access to the Service offered through the Site, in the absence of registration by the latter, by completing the registration steps mentioned in the "Terms and Conditions of Use" and does not grant him the right to download/modify/reproduce partially and/or completely the Content, copy or use any Content in any other way, or transfer to any third party any Content to which it has and/or has gained access, under an agreement of use, without the prior written consent of Yamato Express.
The Yamato Express site may contain third-party links (called hyperlinks or links), which allow automatic connection to various Internet sites. These related sites are owned and operated by third parties. Yamato Express is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of other Sites that are accessed through links in the Content, regardless of the nature of these links. Responsibility for these sites lies entirely with their respective owners.
Yamato Express is exempt from any liability for the use of the Sites and/or the Content transmitted to a Customer by any means (electronic, telephone, etc.), through the Sites, by e-mail or through the employees of Yamato Express, when such use of the Content may cause damage of any kind to Customer and/or any third party involved in such transfer of Content.
Yamato Express does not provide any direct or indirect guarantees such as:
• service will meet the requirements of the Client;
• service will be uninterrupted, secure and error-free;
• products/services obtained free of charge or for a fee through the Service will meet the requirements or expectations of the Client;

Within the limits of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the operators, administrators and/or owners of the website are in no way responsible for for their financial relationships or the consequences thereof arising from, but not limited to, purchases, special offers, promotions, promotions, or any other type of relationship/connection/transaction/collaboration/etc., which may arise between the Customer and any person who directly or indirectly promotes himself through online stores.
Yamato Express is not responsible for damage that may be caused as a result of unauthorized use of information on the Site.
Yamato Express is not responsible for any costs and/or losses of any kind incurred/arising from the use of information on the Site.
The photos presented in the "Promotions" and "New Products" sections do not create obligations for Yamato Express in the sense that Yamato Express is not responsible for any text errors or published prices. The offer of the products presented in these sections is valid within the limits of the available stock.



13.1. Yamato Express is not liable for damage of any kind that may be incurred by the Buyer or any third party as a result of Yamato Express fulfillment of any of its obligations under the Order, as well as for damage arising from the use of the Products after delivery and, in particular, for their loss.

13.2. By creating and using the Account, the Client/User/Buyer assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, is responsible for the activity carried out through his Account.

13.3. By creating and/or placing Orders, Customer/User/Buyer expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site in the latest updated version that is reported on the Site, existing at the time of creating the Account and/or using the content and/or on the date of placing the Order.



This Agreement is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between Yamato Express and Customers/Buyers will be resolved amicably or, if this is not possible, disputes will be settled by the competent authorities.
If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid for any reason, that clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.



Yamato Express newsletters are sent via e-mail through specialized partners approved by Yamato Express.
When the Client creates an Account on the Site, he has the possibility to express his consent to receive advertising messages. The e-mail marketing agreement option previously selected by the Client may be changed at any time by using a dedicated link in any newsletter or by unchecking an existing option in the client's account. Consult the Yamato Express Privacy Policy in this regard.
Refusing to receive newsletters does not mean refusing to accept the "Terms and Conditions of Use".
Also, Yamato Express will send to the Client confirmation messages by e-mail or sms in the following cases:

 1. creating Account (e-mail);
 2. changing the Account password (e-mail);
 3. Order confirmation message, after placing the order (e-mail);
 4. informing about the stage of preparation of the order (SMS), sent 2 hours before the Scheduled Time Interval for picking up the Order;
 5. cancellation of the order by the client (e-mail);
 6. picking up/receiving the order (e-mail);
 7. confirmation of the Client's unsubscription to the mailing of advertising upon his direct request (e-mail);
 8. distribution of a shopping list (e-mail);
 9. distribution of a recipe (e-mail);
10. promotion of goods from the Site (e-mail);
11. changing an already placed order (e-mail).



The content of the Site including, but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content, are the exclusive property of Yamato Express, to which all rights have been obtained directly or indirectly (through licenses to use and/or publication). These elements are protected by the legislation of Romania and by the international texts regarding the observance of copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, etc.
Any reproduction or representation, even partial, by any means, made without the prior written and express consent of Yamato Express or its partners, if they are authorized to do so, is prohibited and illegal. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes a violation or act of unfair competition, entailing the civil and criminal liability of the perpetrator.
The implementation of hyperlinks to any page of this Site requires the written, prior and explicit consent of Yamato Express. The use of any information on the Site for purposes other than advisory ones, especially for public, commercial or humorous purposes, may be subject to criminal prosecution both in Romania and abroad.



The loyalty program aims to reward the loyalty of Yamato Express customers, by offering them benefits and personalized offers that are only available on the basis of loyalty card ownership.



Yamato Express processes your personal data in accordance with the POLICY REGARDING THE PROTECTION AND PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Yamato Express, please contact us at the phone number +40720912924, between 9:00 and 18:00, or by e-mail at, or by sending a written request to the registered office at: Andronache Road no. 203, corp. ”C.20”, bir.1Y, Sector 2, Bucharest 022524, Romania.
Any comments, questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions, or other messages, or information related to the functionality or improvement of the Site will remain the property of Yamato Express.

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